18 January 2019

Carmel Senior unveils her mural “Carmel Through the Ages”

Ambrose Property Group is the owner and property manager of Midtown 3, headquartered by MJ Insurance and referred to as the “MJ Building” in Carmel’s midtown. In an effort to support local artists and beautify the new building, Ambrose engaged Carmel High School for a mural competition.

A jury selected senior student, Sydney Remble for her idea to blend historic and present-day Carmel into an abstract rendering of the north-side city.

Here’s a glimpse into Sydney’s thoughts about art, school, and life after high school.

I am a senior at Carmel High School and have lived in Indy as long as I can remember. I have taken art classes through Carmel Clay Schools since elementary school but was most interested starting in sixth grade. The drawing teacher at Carmel Middle School, Mrs. Gaw, inspired me with all her drawings around the room. I have talked to her a few times throughout high school to keep her updated, hopefully she will hear about the mural.

It’s a funny concept for me to grasp calling myself an artist, but creating this mural seems like the real deal (it seems like it is being created for someone more than myself). I mostly do it for fun; it’s super relaxing, and I try to use it to get away from school which can be very demanding. I hope to stay in touch with my art after college– Will I? I’m not sure. I am going to go to nursing school, most likely in the Midwest, which doesn’t leave too much room for electives. But, as long as the University allows it, the few electives will definitely be filled with drawing or painting classes. Plus, as a nurse, I hope to potentially find a way to show my patients the benefits of drawing and painting. I am not sure what I want to do in nursing yet. I love the Midwest, and don’t see much need to leave, but only time will tell.

I want people to feel like the mural is sophisticated, and welcoming. It would be awesome if they felt like someone older than me had to of designed it. Ha. I also hope they are able to connect the dots from the three different buildings that are around Carmel (the waterpower to the left, Palladium in the middle, and the gazebo on the right), and maybe see the incorporation of the slice of the tree and its rings. The panel wanted to incorporate the new with the old, and I have always found it fascinating that trees show more rings with age. Then that old wood can be used for buildings we use currently. In addition, there have been multiple occasions when showing someone the design, they say it reminds them of the famous painting, “Starry Night.”

Ambrose wishes Sydney well in her final months in high school and her future endeavors considering art within the medical field. Afterall, Indianapolis has a strong precedent for this thinking, just look at the Sydney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital.

Before and After:

Sydney Remble Carmel Through The Ages Jan17 2019 14